Handmade for Women. Created to Inspire

All pieces are handmade with the intention of bringing a voice to woman all over the world. A voice of courage, self-esteem, positivity and encouragement.

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  • i.b.liev'n..."Living Life!" she said, "I'm All In!"

    ...my hat goes off to the brave women who “take the plunge” knowing that initially it might be a little unpleasant, but who do it anyway, because they have the foresight or the faith to “know” that in the end it’s a good thing! 

    And to those same women who believe in “Living Life” and every day show the world that they are indeed “All In!”

  • i.b.liev’n…Jumping In with Both Feet!

    …it starts out by saying…”There are sharks in the ocean…but we still swim…Lots of people get struck by lightning…but we still play in the rain…”  It’s a great commentary on not being afraid of really LIVING!

  • i.b.liev’n…”Fierce Determination!”

    We all collectively step into this New Year withNew Hopes and New Dreams and our Fierce Determination to not drop the ball, so to speak, on all those aspirations! ...My hope for you is thatYoucan envision whereYouwant to be and what you want to do this year.

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