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Art of the Journey Story Wire

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Life is Moving Art.  It's a Dance and a Balance.  Sometimes it's Curvy, Sometimes it's Smooth Sailing.  It's Naturally Beautiful.  And it's Mine.

Reminiscent of the Art Nouveau period of art, this Artfully balanced copper wire root starter makes the perfect piece of art for placing in a window, sitting on your desk, or adorning your favorite shelf.  Various teal colored beads including several ceramic "Raku" beads made in the traditional Japanese fashion with a low firing temperature, whimsically wind their way around the art piece while a dragonfly nearby appears to take flight.

Maybe it's your story...maybe it's just the perfect item for a friend!

Whomever it's's all about the art of the take your time!


Art made from 12 gauge copper wire wrapping a 6-1/4 inch round glass vile for holding your delicate plants (shown here with plants not included with art piece).  Small colorful beaded wires add color, movement and interest.  Art Piece is 7 inches total in height.