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Copper "Add On" Charms

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Complete your Story Wire art piece by adding your favorite copper charm!

 Maybe you're a traveler so the "world" charm might be nice...maybe you're a free spirit and can relate to the butterfly or a peace sign or maybe you like the feel of the sand in your toes so a starfish or auger shell would be a good fit!

If you're ordering a story wire and would like for me to go ahead and add this charm to your Story Wire art piece, then please let me know in the notes at checkout, otherwise, I'll send the charm separately with a copper catch as shown that makes it easy for you to place it where you would like by adding it yourself.  They attach easily to one of the ends where a hole has been drilled or anywhere along the beaded wire!

For scale purposes, the world, cross, lotus blossom are 5/8 of an inch top to bottom (this does not include the catch and the extra jump ring).