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Art Of The Tomato

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 Made from "layered paper"... You must FEEL this piece of art to truly appreciate it's beauty!  The tomato in the corner is made up of several layers of paper and tomato stem looks like it could really be growing in 3 dimensions.

This is a Colorful, Layered Paper, Verbal Piece of Art that I call a “Credo on Canvas!”

"i.b.liev'n... is an anagram for "I believe in...  and the "she said," part puts that belief into action!

Every “Credo” is Handmade one credo at a time!  

Your Credo will be printed on linen paper.  Various parts, including my signature “Little Bird”, are created in 3-dimensions using layered paper, then coated with a protective Satin Finish.  To complete your piece of art, each piece has a colorful paper backing (photo shown is a typical backing made to compliment your Credo front design).  It also has a Saw-tooth Metal Hanger ready for hanging!

Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift or something just for you, a “Credo” is a great way to Artfully express what you believe in!  

A Great Gift for mom, sister, friend, graduation, birthday, the Tomato lover or maybe a Gift to You from You!  

Life is all about...The Art of the Tomato Sandwich!