i.b.liev’n…Jumping In with Both Feet!

i.b.liev’n…Jumping In with Both Feet!

So who isn’t a tad bit afraid and unsure of trying something “new”?

We’re big folks now…we’re human and anything “new” is always a step outside of our comfort box!

Why is it, that when we were kids, the thought of “GETTING” to try something new was the best!  We couldn’t wait!!

What happened?  Do we grow up and supposedly become wiser to the supposedly wicked ways of the world?  What are we afraid of?  What others might say?  What others might think?  That we might get hurt?

There’s a great commercial out now that I love…honestly, I couldn’t tell you what the commercial is advertising…life insurance, maybe? Anyway, it’s told through the voice of a child and it talks about the not so great things that happen in the world but the child understands that that’s no reason not to still do those things…it starts out by saying…”There are sharks in the ocean…but we still swim…Lots of people get struck by lightning…but we still play in the rain…”  It’s a great commentary on not being afraid of really LIVING!  I love it!  Kudos to the writers!


So here’s to Jumping In with Both Feet….Take the Chance…and Let it Let Change Your Life!