i.b.liev’n…”Fierce Determination!”

i.b.liev’n…”Fierce Determination!”

She said,  as she Wholeheartedly Vowed to Finally Begin Her Website’s Blog!

and so it goes that, I am, without a doubt…”Practicing What I Preach!”

So now I can take this “Procrastination Credo” down off my wall and confidently hang a “Fierce Determination” one in its place!

So here it is…2014 and we all collectively step into this New Year with New Hopes and New Dreams and our Fierce Determination to not drop the ball, so to speak, on all those aspirations!

So what I do is envision myself on December 31st, 2014 – sitting back with a glass of fine wine (probaly a Hartford or Goldeneye Pinot Noir) and reflecting on my year!



What did I accomplish?

How did I make some else’s life a little brighter?

Did I work some and play a lot?

Did I experience something new by putting a check mark next to a bucket list item?

Did I get to see my family and spend quality time with them?

Did I grow?

My hope for you is that You can envision where You want to be and what you want to do this year…and so when December 31st, 2014 rolls around…all you simply say is…Well done!