Personalized “Mantra” Cuff Bracelet


What’s your Mantra?  

What’s the one word or short phrase that best describes what would inspire you to grow this year? 

What’s your “Mantra” for 2020?

This is a Personalized Inspirational 100% Copper Cuff Bracelet, hand stamped with YOUR word or words of inspiration!

A reminder every day to follow through with your intention for this year!


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I made a vision board for 2020 then looked at all the items I had put on my board and came up with my “Word”  or “Mantra” that best describes the path I would I like to take this year!   

I chose the word “stretch“! 

I would like to stretch myself physically (with a better and more consistent yoga practice), stretch myself mentally (by reading more and by expanding my business) and stretching myself spiritually (by taking more time to practice being in the moment and to finally go on that mindfulness retreat).

You can chose ANY word or phrase (limited to 20 characters) to wear on your wrist as a reminder of what your goal is for the year!!

Each bracelet is made from 100% real copper.  To keep it shiny, rub it with the polishing pad that comes with it or rub it gently with very fine steel wool!

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5-1/2 inches, 6 inches, 6-3/4 inches